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We Deliver the Best Quality Virtual Tours, VR and 360º Content

We specialize in various industries, including hospitality, automotive, aviation, tourism and travel, real estate, medical, education, construction, and mining. Additionally, we offer professional photography services for real estate, food, product, portrait, and commercial purposes. To enhance our offerings, we collaborate with experts in spatial audio, 3D renderings, floor plan design and scans, and we maintain close partnerships with top software developers in our industries.

Our projects are not only professional and inspiring but also at the forefront of innovation. We are committed to delivering excellence and cultivating long-lasting global business relationships. Our team’s passion for visual art, innovation, design, and collaboration serves as one of our key strengths.

We are dedicated to constantly improving our workflow, techniques, equipment, software, and partnerships to ensure that we provide the best possible assistance to our clients and end users. Our cutting-edge editing software and 360° virtual tours create an immersive experience that not only puts your mind at ease but also leaves you awestruck, all from the comfort of your office or home.

Adaptability is a core value for us, and we continuously adjust our strategies to meet our clients’ needs. We are committed to going the extra mile and a half, to ensure our customers’ satisfaction and help them achieve their goals. Throughout the journey, we stand by our mantra: “Staying true to art of image capture”.

How do I turn my vision, into reality?

What is my vision, time frame, budget and audience? Understanding these key elements, helps VPiX®️ create solutions, that excite your clients. Talk to our CSM and dedicated Team Support, to help you grow your idea into a working prototype. From there, our developers and content creators take over and design your draft, until it is realized into your final project- evolving a dream/vision into a reality.

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Our Awakening

Being a photographer for over 20 years, and searching for a niche market that would challenge my skills and experience, I rediscovered the world of 360° photography and in particular virtual tours.

I was looking for the BEST solution while honing my technical abilities and results. Eureka, I very quickly found VPiX® online and was blown away by their sophisticated yet easy to use software.

I immediately signed up for an account to produce my virtual tours and the team welcomed me with open arms. 7 years on, and I still believe it was the wisest choice I could have made.

Expanding our Horizons

After 2 years working with the VPiX® SaaS platform, backed by RackSpace, I was approached to become a VPiX-certified Affiliate for the region of South Africa, which was music to my ears, and a great privilege.

Being dubbed VPiXSA we quickly became known in the industry as one of the virtual tour service solutions experts. This opened up doors to be recognized as a truly serious player in the virtual tour industry. Since then we have been fortunate enough to create lasting relationships and partnerships with big clients, and loyal customers. Moving with the new position,

I was able to learn and adopt the other part of VPiX® which was MotorStreet®. This State of the art 360° automotive spin platform allowed us to acquire clients such as BMW, Volkswagen, KIA, Haval, Nissan, and many more automotive giants.

With adversity comes Growth

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, the world has been rocked by how this would affect industries, but being the innovative and customizable company and team VPiX® are, we quickly jumped at the opportunity to showcase that being a global company with partners and team members across the globe, we embraced a sad world crisis and assisted clients across the board with training and teaching them online, that their companies could utilize the VPiX® SaaS platform to continue advertising, marketing and even selling to their clients, despite the restrictions.

We worked with clients from the USA, South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa. This showed that we could bridge the physical gap by being attentive and helpful while still working hard to stay ahead of the chasing packs.

The Evolution

360 Entrepreneur Magazine had awarded VPiX® three years in a row, being one of the best companies in the USA, and that certainly appealed to the market leaders, including Luxury apartments and Hotels, Luxury Yachts, Automotive and Aviation customers/clients. Innovation is always at the heart of the team, and we are able to create 3D Mixed Reality events for big Trade shows, create Metaverse-ready environments and tours, and have always been a front-runner with VR headset experiences.

Breaking New Grounds

At the beginning of the year, I was asked to learn and use the CSI360 platform and joined the team for software training. Not only did I train Sheriff’s offices and police law enforcement but also forensic departments, and institutional departments for forensics and crime scene investigators.

The platform is used to assist and record real case crime scenes, natural disasters, and government agency necessities. We are an always evolving company, that has a passion for what we do, and always strive to better ourselves and our services.

With the increasing demand for XR solutions, we have the drive and desire to continue being the BEST at what we do. “We did it first, we STILL do it better….

Our Team

Jacques Pierre Niemandt

SA Affiliate, Digital Content Creator & Team Support

Bart Wilson

Founder, CMO & Enterprise Success Manager

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