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Case Study 2


Absolute Aviation, is located at Hangar 1 & 2, Lanseria International Airport, Lanseria, and Hangar 3, Wonderboom Airport, Lindveld Road, Wonderboom, Pretoria, in the Gauteng province of South Africa, with other offices in Cape Town, Botswana and Zurich. This luxury aircraft and aviation company want to showcase their fleet in absolutely the best possible way, to attract future buyers, flyers and pilots.


We were contacted after other service suppliers were unable to capture the luxury lear jets and aircrafts, with accuracy and pleasing visuals of the interior and exterior in full 360 degrees. We wanted to enhance their slogan “WITH YOU FOR THE JOURNEY”.


Using state of the art camera systems and equipment, we applied our knowledge and expertise of capturing 360 degree VR quality content. We successfully captured and recreated the experience of what it is like to view these aircrafts from inside while in the sky, but also viewing these big aircrafts from the exterior in full 360 degrees. We created custom theme (UI/UX) builds specifically developed for the client’s demands, getting the best HD quality imagery of small luxury jets (small spaces) with smaller cameras, and getting the exterior 360° spins into one solution.


Although we successfully completed these demands with “flying colours”, due to the client’s website layout and requirements, we had to split the interior & exterior results into two different embeddable platforms. But the most important achievement, was of course keeping to our client’s requirements and delivering exceptional quality 360 degree interior and exterior visuals of their aircraft fleet.


We have completed an all in one solution for this, using MotorStreet360, which hosts both interior 360° photography and exterior 360° spins. We look forward to implementing this use case into the aviation industry moving forward.

Research & Modelling

We were also able to show these aircrafts, in the best possible light, by the use of mock up backgrounds, to emulate a true open runway, and when viewing through the interior windows, you could imagine you were in the air, floating through the clouds, by the magic of some image manipulation artistry.

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