Case Studies

Case Study 1


Wilgers Infertility Clinic, located inside the Life Wilgers Hospital, Pretoria, is located a fair distance from the OBGYN’s practice rooms, and we were contracted to find a way for the patients to find their way, to and from the IVF clinic.


Travelling through passage ways, going up stairs/elevators and through secure entrances, trying to find the right direction and floor to go to, especially for first time patients, had proven to be a challenge, and caused confusion that led up to arriving late or even missing appointments due to time and busy schedules, of doctors and patients alike.


The solution was created on the VPiX Pro server, using a visual aid, through a VPiX® virtual tour, that can be easily viewed on any smart device, while walking, or in the comfort of the patient’s home. By adding “Text to voice” voice overs and interactive hotspots to show the way, and guide patients, we created an easy shareable and convenient method of “finding your way”. Inside we had to ensure piece of mind with the way the technology and equipment used, by introducing the element of calm and relaxing IVF rooms, despite the uncomfortable scenario/procedure. This was achieved with elegant and high quality panoramas, that allow viewers to look around in full 360 degrees, and familiarize themselves with their surroundings.


We are looking at introducing VR headsets as well, to create a fully immersive and distractive experience.

Research & Modelling

We were also involved with the interior design of the rooms, using light boxes (clouds) above the patient’s head, their field of view (FOV), and around them, we used calming seascape photography, utilizing wallpapers and canvas prints.


We are experiencing less cases in patients arriving late or missing appointments, enjoying the visual way finding and informational aid supplied by the use of a VPiX® virtual tour.

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